The Miracle of Blueberries...

   Bursting with antioxidants, these aromatic products are rich in enzymes & vitamins, provoding nourishing food for the skin to prevent aging, normalize rosacea & sensitive skin.

Body, Mind, Spirit….

   Inspired by her lineage of Austrian naturopathic doctors, Helena Meyer has created our wonderful 100% organic products. A skin expert,  herbalist & aromatherapist, her inspiration has brought these amazing formulations into being. Bringing the skin into balance, supporting anti-aging, creating emotional comfort, transforming and healing of the spirit are the result.

Aromatherapy for the Body, Mind, Spirit….

    Helena formulated aroma synergies

for emotional comfort, transformation and healing the spirit.  They are amazing!


           Aging can be reversed...

  With pure organic products formulated by an expert from centuries-old tradition of European naturopathic doctors.

  We are proud to have received    
          the “Best of Boulder” 
             Skin Care award...
Our products nurture the body, mind and spirit as they  rejuvenate the skin.
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For all skin types, including Rosacea and Sensitive Skin

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We offer 100% Organic Skin Care

Crafted with the Purest Ingredients which are

Grown Organically and Blended with

Loving Attention

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