Step 1: Cleanser:                                                                          

Cleanses. Detoxes. Regenerates – three in one.

Silky aromatic of fresh blueberries in the forest –

cleanses impurities, removes toxins from the skin,

leaving it soft & emollient.                


Step 2: Exfoliant/Face Lift:                                                                                                

The healthy answer to alphahydroxy - removes

free radicals & firms skin leaving complexion clear,

smooth and youthful. Gentle & effective!



Step 3: Blueberry Toner:

Important anti-aging step- deep hydration.

Refreshing as a summer breeze – it rejuvenates

and deeply hydrates. Skin feels moist & fresh!


Step 4: Serum:

Witness amazing skin improvement due to the

antioxidant properties of anthocyanin, vitamins &

enzymes found in blueberries & anti-aging plant &

berry extracts.                               

Step 5A - Morning: Day Moisturizer

Light yet nourishing, fresh and aromatic like a

tropical forest. This is an essential treatment for

hydrating the skin to keep it moist and youthful.    



Step 5B - Evening: Night Cream

Regenerates the skin while asleep with many active

ingredients found in blueberries, organic herbs & essential

oils. Its aroma is delicate and soothing, the feel light and



Rejuvenating Mask
For quick pick-me-up, this highly effective mask is easy
 to use - it is deeply detoxifying & regenerating. It repairs 
Balancing Face Oil
Light & highly penetrating, this is a moisturizer for anyone 
who wishes or needs to avoid an oily feeling on the skin.  
It regenerates, hydrates & detoxes the skin. Use morning & 
Blueberry Eye Cream
You will be amazed at the regenerating effect 
of this wonderful cream!                       

Blueberry Body Cream
Smooth. Silky. Delicious. Feel the bliss while applying it-  your skin will love it and your spirit will be uplifted!                                                        

Blueberry Hand Cream
We promise – your hands will feel soft and look years younger. Your skin will remain hydrated all day long.

For best results, start with the 5-step


                      Helena Meyer

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