Anxiety Relief

When life is bigger than you...get relief.


Feeling that you can do anything you set out to do- that’s the road to fulfillment. 

Emotional Balance  

Feeling like an ocean of peace and tranquility,

Fear Away

Our clients report increased calm and fear melting away. They love this oil.

Happy Mood

This is our most popular oil - it works! More bliss, please?

Letting Go

Trust and taking life with ease – not an easy task.

But here is a little help – try and see for yourself!

Sadness No More

A wonderful help when grief from loss or any other cause keeps us down. Open the flow of joy again.

Throat Chakra Oil

Emotional Comfort Synergies

Calm Mind

Too many thoughts? This is the synergy for you!

It calms the mind and creates a mood of serenity, comfort and peace.

Mental Alertness

This aroma brings balance to the mind, improves focus and alertness...


We can’t make guarantees, but many report improvements

of memory.                                                          

Inner Peace

You may feel like you left all the hustle and bustle of everyday life and landed on a still ocean beach!

Guardian Angel

Many clients love the feeling of support and comfort - the feeling of not being alone….


Feel abundant and you will experience abundance!

Sacred Heart

Getting in touch with the unbounded source of Love within, this is a place of peace and comfort!


We have many testimonies of how this oil brought prosperity on many levels. It really works!


We recommend this oil for anyone who is exposed to situations that challenge their sense of security.


We have worked to create a wonderful aroma synergy that enhances inner silence. Helps the natural process of surrender that is within you.

Vital Mind Synergies

Healing the Spirit Synergies

Chakras are energy centers in the system that serve to distribute one’s life force. It is the view of ancient systems of holistic medicine that our health - emotional, mental and spiritual balance - depends on these centers being able to perform this important function.

         Our Chakra Aroma Synergies support optimum function of each chakra.

Chakra Oils

100% Organic Aromatherapy

Letting Go of the Past

Helping to forgive and move on - we all can use help here!                              


Helping transitions in life – mental, emotional or spiritual.

Transformation Synergies

Our vitality and endurance forces come forth from this chakra.

The Chakra Oil supports healing our relationship with our

fathers, and all males in our lives.

Crown Chakra Oil

This chakra on top of the head opens the flow of energy to the entire system, and it also fosters our innate ability for integration and wholeness in all areas of life.

Heart Chakra Oil

This is our emotional center and the oil helps bring more love and nurturing into one’s being. Every mother, as well as every couple will greatly benefit from this oil.

Third Eye Chakra Oil

This is the energy center for bringing energy to the brain,

eyes, nose and ears.  It also opens the awareness to a

more expanded world-view and fosters our ability to

connect to others, as well as to subtler realities. It is also

called “the doorway to heaven.”

The entire area of the throat, vocal cords & thyroid gland get energy from this center.  Here also is the place of expressing our creativity and innermost truth.  

Solar Plexus Chakra Oil

                         Helena Meyer

100% Organic Skin Care Products

Second (Sex) Chakra Oil

All organs in the system get the energy from here. Also, sexual

health benefits from strengthening this chakra.

Base Chakra Oil

We are more grounded and strong, have endurance and can go

though life with more ease when this chakra is strong.

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