Step 1: Rejuvenating Honey Cleanser

Organic milk, honey, oat germ, herbs….so pure! It’s cleansing, hydrating & rejuvenating! Enjoy this nourishing and sensual step in your daily skin care routine!

Step 2: Exfoliant/Face Lift:                                                 

Yes, you read correctly – it cleanses deeply and restores skin

elasticity & tone and it diminishes fine lines. It is the healthy and safe answer to alpha-hydroxy face peels, as it removes dead skin cells, as well as free radicals from the skin, it lightens skin tone, and if left on longer, it even lifts the face.

Try it for yourself!

Step 3: Floral Tonic “Plus”

Important step in treating aging skin- deep hydration, on a  cellular level. Thus, it improves firmness and skin feels soft.

And the aroma is of a tropical forest – enchanting and sensual!

Step 4: Cell Regenerating Serum:

An important, ultra-regenerating step, giving the skin a boost: with concentrated nourishment and deep penetration, cells regenerate quickly.

Enjoy your new supple, smooth and radiant skin.

Step 5A - Morning: Hydrating Face Oil

Light and hydrating, yet deeply penetrating, it nourishes                       

and repairs dehydrated, tired skin.              

Step 5B - Evening: Cell Regenerating Cream

Supplies valuable nutrients to the skin while you are asleep.

Nourishes skin on deep cellular level, restores collagen - responsible for elasticity & youthfulness of skin.

Food for your skin; so good and pure, your skin will ask for more.

All products contain key properties for Cell Regeneration and Reducing Redness and Sensitivity

Anti - Aging

         Additional Rejuvenation Steps

Cell Regenerating Mask

This highly effective mask is easy to use –

it is deeply hydrating, soothing & regenerating.

It repairs collagen, repairs skin texture &

regenerates the skin visibly for a more youthful


Anti-Aging Eye Cream

This is an ancient formulation of highly effective herbs, luxurious organic oils and aromatherapy for regeneration of the skin around the eyes. The difference is quickly visible! 

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Helena Meyer Anti-Aging Kit

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